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History & Heritage

The amazing story of the Fleming family begins in 1960 with Margaret and James Fleming.

They emigrated from Ireland to Canada and then New York when they were just 16 years old. They had 9 children including 4 daughters and 5 sons.  Their son, John Fleming followed in his parent’s footsteps dispelling myths that a family business cannot evolve and span the generations.  The Fleming heritage is a part of the fabric of the Staten Island community. They have continually evolved to meet the needs of the community and changing economy.  Grandson Wayne has continued his family legacy in 1993 and recently launched the all-new Emerald.


Opened a Luncheonette in Brooklyn, NY

Finding themselves perfectly placed in Brooklyn, upon arriving from Ireland, James and Margaret Fleming opened a luncheonette in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, serving food at Maggie’s Luncheonette.

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We became a Commercial Printer in
St. George, Staten Island

Before the days of our beloved personal computer, son John Fleming handled commercial printing and publishing for Staten Island in St. George at Spotlight Printing.

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1968 d


The Big Apple

The technology revolution was the major driving force, and John Fleming expanded into New York City opening Sprint Printing. To differentiate himself, as the new year and new millennium rolled around, he set his sights on Manhattan printing for brands like Calvin Klein and Liz Claiborne.

Growth is also the operative word for John Fleming as he embarks on another opportunity as strong demand for home video rentals hit Staten Island.

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Bringing Hollywood movies right into your Living Room

It was an exciting time to be in the home video rental business.  By the mid-1980s the United States had 15,000 video rental stores and was a fast-growing business.  What home video rental did for our families was the start of convenience delivering Hollywood rentals right into our living room.  John Fleming was at the forefront bringing videos into the comfort of many Staten Island homes opening That's Video Entertainment.

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1983 c


Developing family memories in just 1 hour

It all started in the late 1970's, when mini-labs, allowed owners to process film in-store. This convenience offered families speed and trust since their photos never left the store.  By 1988 more than 6,500 photo processors existed in the nation and once again John Fleming was at the forefront opening Fast Forward Foto 1 Hour Photo on Staten Island.

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Building quality homes to be enjoyed for generations

An idea was conceived by grandson Wayne Fleming who had a passion for building solutions for families in their home.  He wanted to offer a full range of construction and design services when he opened L & S Contractors.  He cultivated an ideology that still exists today with a focus on superior craftsmanship, attention to detail and ensuring a legacy of quality to be enjoyed for generations.


Documenting memories for Staten Island

John Fleming had a deep appreciation for printing. But preserving and documenting memories for families was his hallmark. He opened Emerald Studios with his four children.

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1992 d
1993 a


Capturing moving pictures at Weddings

Grandson Wayne had a vision to document the wedding day on video.  He expanded his father’s idea opening Emerald Video Productions using the full-size VHS Panasonic AG 450 camcorder.  And as recordable DVD’s hit the market late 1990’s, Wayne delivered fully edited digital wedding videos, which transformed the wedding industry.

1993 b


A new era of Emerald

Grandson Wayne expands the studio launching the all-new Emerald Fine Art.  Representing tradition at its most dynamic, Emerald Fine Art constantly pushes back the frontiers of the fine art photography and film world through its achievements at the cutting edge of innovation. It has confirmed its pioneering role by hiring award-winning photographers trained in Europe and Australia.  The Fleming family and the Emerald brand was designed to evolve.

Wayne has but one goal: to document, create and deliver the finest family traditions in the world.


Let us document your Life story

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